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Derek Le Page, Acting Adjudications

Jack and the Beanstalk - ‘Dame Trott’ Adjudicator Robert Latham. January 2012


Having an exceptionally good voice Mr Le Page played this part with real clarity…etc etc


Cinderella by Gill Morrell - ‘The Demon King’. Adjudicator Barbara Smith LGSM LRAM ADB January 2008


I fully appreciated this characterisation and was reminded of the 20’s film actor Lon Chaney with the OTT melodramatic horror and the excellent body language and movement. Fine audience relating and lovely rolled ‘r’ and with the extravagant use of gesture and relish of dialogue and evil snigger, projected an excellent sense of 20’s style. This performer held all the audience both adults and children, with his fine combination of evil force and sense of style.


Bent by Martin Sherman - ‘Uncle Freddie’ ROSEBOWL BEST ACTOR NOMINATION. Adjudicator June Rayner LGSM LRAM October 2007


Although this is a peachy little role, it must be said, this actor relished it with a delightful sense of mischief, a judicious mixture of disquiet and experience and an inviting twinkle in his roguish eye. Delightful!


The Lady in the Van by Alan Bennett - ‘Alan Bennett 2’ ROSEBOWL ‘BEST ACTOR’ AWARD. Adjudicator Rebecca Thompson BA Hons LLAM Hons April 2007


You have probably already picked up that I am a very big fan of Alan Bennett, so when you walked on stage I was thrilled by how similar you looked. Your uncanny resemblance to the man himself was complemented by your stance, gesture and vocal delivery. You really captured the slightly flat, Northern tones of Bennett - and yet modulated the diary entries with a lovely conversational ease and poise that brought them to life for the audience. Your gentle, knowing reactions throughout the evening were fantastic -contributing very effectively to our involvement with the other characters and our understanding of your past. You owned the stage, but never dominated it -turning our focus to people and events as the script required. An outstanding performance.


The Hothouse by Harold Pinter – ‘Tubbs’. Adjudicator Vanessa Stevenson ALAM RADA Dip November 2004


This was a delightfully funny performance, capturing that bright and jolly, yet knowing, deference when dealing with his superiors. Underneath he managed to convey a sense that this trusty stalwart wasn't quite what he seemed His accent and his bearing were just right, as was his comic timing. It respected the comic genre of the play and was a joy to watch. 


Robin Hood by Stephen Curtis - ‘Much, the Miller’s Son’. Adjudicator Vanessa Stevenson ALAM RADA Dip January 2004


This was such a lovely performance in the ‘Buttons’ vein of Pantomime characters. He never rushed allowing the comedy to flow from the characterisation. He was wonderfully in tune with the audience and this was helped by his very expressive face which showed a range of subtle emotions that were shared by the audience to their great delight. He captured the pantomime genre of sentimentality to a tee but never overplayed it.

                                                                                                                                                         Continued in Section 2



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