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My name is Derek Le Page. I don't usually dress like this (left), just when I'm feeling a bit Leary. I'm an amateur actor who should have been professional . Now I'm a professional voice artist and audiobook narrator, which is the next best thing. This website is a CV for acting and voice with a bit of personal family history thrown in. I hope you find it as fascinating as I do. Arf.


Here's a picture of me (below) looking like an accountant, with the late (April 2020) comedy legend Eddie Large, my having just won a Rosebowl for Best Actor 2007 for my performance as Alan Bennett in The Lady in the Van. Thank you for presenting this Eddie, and rest in peace.

Derek Le Page

                             Cornwall, Lear

Rosebowl 2007 - Eddie Large
Lepage crest
King Lear portrait 300dpi_WEB
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